Charger Voltage

Charger Current

Battery Voltage

Battery Current

Model Number
Serial Number
System Time
AC Input Voltage Class
AC Input Frequency Class
Output Voltage Class
Output Current Class
DCR Temperature
DCR Humidity

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    AC Input Readings




    AC Input Readings

    AC Input Voltage

    AC Input Current

    DC Readings



    Miscellaneous Readings

    Input Frequency

    CEMF Voltage

    Percent Inverter




    AC Input Available AC Input CB Open Low AC Input AC Input Failure Charger Fan Fail Rectifier Fan Fail Charger Fuse Blown Rectifier Fuse Blown Charger Overload Rectifier Overload Charger Bridge Overtemp Rect Bridge Overtemp Charger Failure Rectifier Failure Charger Available Rectifier Available Battery Discharging Low DC Voltage Batt Near Exhaustion Low DC Disconnect High DC Voltage High DC Disconnect Negative to Ground Positive to Ground Equalize Battery Breaker Open Inverter Available INV Supplying Load Inverter Fan Fail Inverter Fuse Blown Inverter Voltage High Inverter Voltage Low Inverter Low V (fast) Inverter Off Frequency INV Bridge Over-Temp IGBT Desaturation Overload Shutdown Output Overload (fast) Inverter Failure Bypass Available Bypass Supplying Load In-Sync Bypass Off Frequency Out-Of-Sync ST/SW Fuse Blown ST/SW Fan Fail ST/SW Bridge Over-temp ST/SW SCR Failure Retransfer Blocked Bypass Voltage Low Bypass Voltage High Bypass CB Open Bypass Failure MBS To Bypass AC Output Voltage Low AC Output Voltage High AC Output Overload AC Output CB Open AC Power Source Fail Heatsink Over Temp Charger Loss of Comm. Charger P.S. Fault DC Power Source Fail Fan Failure Input A Input B Input C Input D Input E Inverter P.S. Fault PS2 Fail PS1 Fail PCB 19 Relay Comm DN PCB 20 Relay Comm DN PCB 21 Relay Comm DN ST/SW P.S. Fault INV/STSW Loss of Comm INV/STSW PS Fault Temperature Comp Fail High AC Input DC Too Low For Start Bypass Phase Rotation UPS Fail ST/SW Gate Failure Inverter CB Open Parallel Comm Fail STS No Output Fast Comm Failed DC CB Open STS Feedback Fail Static Switch Off CHG Output CB Open System Overtemp Cabinet Humidity Charge Fail Hi DC Shutdown Chg AC PS Fault Chg DC PS Fault AC Phase Loss Low DC Current Solar HS Overtemp Cabinet Fan Fail Ethernet Loss of Comm. Cabinet Over Temp

    Data Log

    Number Event Date Time Temperature Rectifier V Rectifier I Battery I

    Downloads: Data Log Data Log (Extended) Data Log (CSV) 0 Events Logged


    Group A

    Group B

    # act_alms ena_alms

    Group A



    perc_chgr_load 0
    amb_temp 0
    batt_curr 0
    batt_volt 0
    chgr_curr 0
    chgr_volt 0
    cab_hum 0
    cemf_volt 0
    ac_in_volt_ab 0
    ac_in_volt_bc 0
    ac_in_volt_ca 0
    ac_in_curr_a 0
    ac_in_curr_b 0
    ac_in_curr_c 0
    ac_in_freq 0

    Group B



    mod_num N/A
    ser_num N/A
    in_phs 0
    freq 0
    dc_volt 0
    dc_curr 0
    ac_in_volt 0
    ac_in_volt_hi 0
    ac_in_volt_lo 0
    dc_volt_hi 0
    dc_volt_lo 0
    cab_hum_hi 0
    enab_opts 00000000

    Group E



    alm_66_name N/A
    alm_67_name N/A
    alm_68_name N/A
    alm_69_name N/A

    I/O Terminal



      IP address:
      Subnet mask:

      Firmware Version: 2.01
      Part Number: 50-100225-01